CRAFT-a-JOY: A creative endeavor for children to express themselves in 3D through arts and crafts such as paper crafts, fabric crafts, needle crafts, recyclables and much more. The program is about learning crafting techniques through the medium of color, texture, shape and space. Craft-a-Joy infuses new elements of creativity with traditional crafting, to make projects more exciting and fun.  Another aspect addressed at this program is the concept of ‘Reduce-Reuse-Recycle’.  It is the motto we use to bring about a sense of responsibility in our children while they have fun creating.  Children are always encouraged to Imagine. Create & Amaze! 
WRITING MATTERZ: A unique, interactive, and intensive step-by-step writing program geared to master the art of writing. The program consists of learning the writing process, paragraphs and essays, all forms of writing, and literary response writing. 

COLOR PALETTE:An ongoing art program designed to teach drawing and painting. Water color, charcoal, pastels, tempera and acrylic are the mediums used. Children learn about the concept of light and shade, form and texture, distance and proportion, coloring techniques. and much more. This is what sets Color Palette by Kids Be Inspired Drawing and Painting program apart from any other art classes.                      
Level # ONE  4 - Below 6 yrs                   

Line, Shape, Form, Value, Color Wheel, Animals-land/sky/marine, Flowers/fruits/objects

Level # TWO  6 - 8 yrs                                        

Line, Shape, Form, Value,, Space, Color Wheel, Animals-land/sky/marine, Flowers/fruits/objects, Human face and figure, Land/Water Scapes

Level # THREE  9-12 yrs   

Line, Shape, Form, Value,, Space, Color Wheel, Texture , Perspective drawing,

Animals-land/sky/marine, Flowers/fruits/objects, Human face and figure, Human Features , Land/Water Scapes, Still Life

KIDS BE INSPIRED is an attempt to inspire children to reach their highest potential not just through academics but by imagination and creativity. The aim is to encourage children to think-outside-of-the-box. This goal will be fulfilled in three phases (1) Craft-a-Joy and (2) Color Palette and (3) Writing Matterz: Creative Writing Program. 

We offer a full range of classes that foster your child’s individual growth.